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About us

About us

What is currently known as Faculty of Social Sciences today is traceable to the then Faculty of Arts which started in 1962 with five Departments. In March 1966, the University approved the establishment of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to replace the Faculty of Arts, which by then had also set up a French Departments.

In that year, an Department of economics was established. The following year, 1967, Departments of Sociology and Government respectively were added. So also, was in 1976 that saw the creation of the Department of Nigerian and African Languages while the Department of Government was renamed Department of Political Science.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences continued to award degrees to both Undergraduates and Postgraduates until 1997.

The Faculty of Social Sciences was created in 1997 during the tenure of the first and only Sole Administrator – Major General Mamman Tsoho Kontagora (Rtd). The creation was to validate the ABU University Statute which recognized the Faculty of Social Sciences – different from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

The Faculty now occupies the defunct School of Remedial Studies. It has three (3) Departments: Mass Communication, Political Science & International Studies and Sociology. The Faculty began on a modest level with little physical infrastructure, but with very experienced academic and administrative staff. The Faculty runs sub-degree programmes to cater for the middle level man power needs of the country, such as Diploma in Mass Communication, and Diploma in Election Administration. Also, degrees are awarded in the those areas.


Mission, Vision and Philosophy


The mission is to impact knowledge in the academic disciplines of Mass Communication, Political Science & International Relations and Sociology, to men and women of all races within the context of a dynamic multidisciplinary approach. The Faculty has a commitment to produce graduates in Social Sciences who can contribute positively in national and international milieu.


The vision of the Faculty of Social Sciences is to search for and spread knowledge in the interest of the nation and upliftment of humanity. The overridden objective is to produce graduates who will not only be self-employed but will contribute to national development.


To impart knowledge, to impact society for positive change